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 I am JB. 

I help COOs and Ops Execs with speedy scaling of their strategy & operations

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 COOs Get Faster Results 

I work globally with COOs and hands-on Executives in rapidly scaling businesses. They partner with me to become stronger leaders and for my help making their teams high performing. I enable these accelerated results by using a proven scale-up system tailored to their timelines, stage and need to grow fast.

 The COO ScaleUp System 

Using a proprietary operating system built on a set of simple proven frameworks, I support COOs and Ops Execs on the four areas they need to get right to scale successful - Strategy | Execution | People | Go-To-Market.  By customizing these frameworks to their business stage Ops Execs can get control of complexity and can focus their teams on the results that matter.

 The ScaleUp Fundraising 

Having sat on all sides of the table and been involved with $Bs of fundraising I know what it takes to perfect your pitch and set yourself up for a streamlined process. My fundraising playbook is free to read, but if you want even more tools, templates and techniques get in touch.

 The COO   Leadership   Level-Up 

Understanding first-hand the responsibilities and challenges that come with serving both a business and your people, I know what it takes to make this balance work. I have limited bandwidth, but I always find time to mentor a few high potential COOs and future COOs that I like. My approach is to share my unique experience, habit hacks, connections and to ask the right questions.

  World Class COO,  
  Chief-of-Staff & 
  ScaleUp Mentor 

On A Mission To Help
COOs Scale Results

I have spent over 25 years transforming businesses and executive teams by making things happen faster, bigger and more systematically. From my own startups; to being Google’s first Chief-of-Staff; the COO at SoftBank International and a number of $10-100Ms funded scale-ups; and more recently mentoring scale-up CXOs, my experience in helping businesses scale is extensive.


I lived and worked in Silicon Valley for nearly 15 years, and have spent my career working throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Today I am based in London but still help teams across EMEA and sometimes globally.

COOs... please skip
the trial and error…

Whatever your situation, it is not unique, well certainly not 100% unique. Many many smart people before you (and me) have faced the same challenges. Some failed. Some succeeded. Why not learn from both cases?


I was asked recently how long it took me to write my playbooks… honestly, 25 years! And I refresh them every time I learn something better. They do not contain the perfect answers (hint: it doesn’t exist), but almost always they give you the 80% solution you can quickly customize and iterate on to make your own.

 COO Masterclass   PlayBooks Series 



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These top tips aim to make COOs, entrepreneurs and ops types lives a bit easier, more productive and happier!

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